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Circular Economy IL established in order to create and promote sustainable economic and social values.

We act on national, regional and international levels to integrate new resource strategies and circular based business models with well-known Israeli innovation capabilities.

We believe that this approach will accelerate the necessary changes towards the growth of new and essential sustainable economy.

We care about our planet as well as humanity prosperity.

We acknowledge the finite resource constraint and global warming as the limits to the unfettered economic growth.

We know Circular economy will enable favorist economic development, decoupling growth from finite resource consumption, eventually engendering a minimised footprint on earth.

We understand the world can maximize chances of avoiding dangerous climate change by moving to a circular economy.

We believe we can take a substantial part in transferring popular linear economic activities to act in circular economy model.


We aim to have a positive social and environment global impact.

Acceleration of the necessary changes towards a economy based on the sustainable circular economy model by combining the well-known Israeli innovation with new resource strategies and business models. 

In doing so, we wish to contribute the global effort to create new and sustainable economic and social values on national, regional and international levels.

Share & Collaborate

We enable and encourage the sharing of best practices, knowledge, and strategies at the international, national and local levels, to implement circular economic principles. 

Multi-stakeholder collaboration is our way to promote a sustainable circular economy.

We collaborate with organizations and industries that share our goal, including:

  • Business sector
  • Financial sector
  • National agencies & Local municipalities
  • Innovators & Start-ups
  • R&D Centers
  • Academic institutions
  • NGOs

Articles published by Adv. Sharon Artzi, an environmental law expert and founder of the Circular Economy IL Platform:

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