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Circular Economy IL established in order to create and promote sustainable economic and social values.

We act on a national, regional and international levels to integrate new resource strategies & circular based business models with well-known Israeli innovation capabilities.

We believe that this approach will accelerate the necessary changes towards the growth of new & essential sustainable economy. 

Acceleration of the necessary change towards an economy based on a sustainable circular economy model by combining the well-known Israeli innovation with new resource strategies & business models. 

In doing so, we wish to contribute the world’s effort to create new and sustainable economic and social values on national, regional and international levels.

Share & Collaborate

We enable and encourage the share of good practices, knowledge, and strategies used at the international, national and sectorial levels, to implement circular economic principles. Multi-stakeholder collaboration is our way to promote a sustainable circular economy.

We collaborate with organizations who share our goal, including:

  • Business sectors
  • Financial sectors
  • Government & Local municipalities
  • Innovators & Start-up
  • R&D
  • Academic institutions
  • Initiatives & Organizations

Articles published by Adv. Sharon Artzi, an expert on environmental law and founder of the Circular Economy IL Platform:

1. The Future law- changes expected to happen in the filed of environmental law in light of the transition to a Circular Economy Model. To learn more – Click on the following link.

2. Why should Israel apply the principles of a circular economy model and who will benefit from it. To learn more – Click on the following link.

3. On Regulation and the Economy in a world with changing climate – click on the following link.