The Israeli Circular Economy IL summit brought together Regulators, EU representatives, opinion leaders & expertis from all relevant sectors – industry, technology, finance, law and environmental.

The Conference was an important milestone in promoting Israel’s transition towards a circular economy.

Check out below the videos of the lecturers-

Adv. Amir Chen
Managing Partner, Fischer Bahar Chen Well Orion & Co

Mr. Oded Rose
President, Israel-America Chamber of Commerce

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Opening Session

Circular Economy – EU Accelerator
Mrs. Ladeja Godina Košir
Director, Circular Change
Chair, European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform’s Coordination Group

Israeli Circular Economy Platform
Adv. Sharon Madel-Artzy
Founder, Circular Economy IL

Session II: Financial Aspects of Circular Economy

Transition to a New Business Model – Burden or Opportunity?
Changing the business model of global corporates medium and small businesses.       Ms. Sabina Biran
Partner and CEO, MVP Business

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Session III: Circular Economy Stakeholders

 Circular Economy Stakeholders’ Panel

Prof. Ofira Ayalon

Senior Researcher Environment Protection and Economy, Shemuel Ne’eman Institute, The Technion; Senior Faculty Member, Department of Natural Resources and Environment, University of Haifa.

Panel members:

Mr. Avi Blau

ead of Afeka Institute for Engineering and Circular Economy

Mr. Yair Engel

Founder and CEO, Center for Sustainable Planning and Design for Israel

Adv. Amit Bracha     

CEO, Adam Teva VaDin

Mr. Daniel Marian

Chairman, Ecogom

Ms. Naama Carmon

Head of Environmental Protection, Manufacturers Association of Israel 

Mr. Natan Vilner

CEO, MCP Performance; Chair, Plastics and Rubber Sector, Manufacturers Association of Israel

Session IV: Practical Aspects of Circular Economy

 Circular Economy – From Theory to Reality in the Cement Industry

Dr. Amit Marmur

VP Sustainability, Nesher Israel Cement Enterprises

Implementation of Circular Economy in the Food & Beverage Industry 

Mr. Oren Avrashi

Director for Innovation, Tempo Group and Barkan Wineries

Industries Administration, Ministry of Economy and Industry

Mr. Michael Shchopeck 

Industries Administration, Ministry of Economy and Industry 

Implementation of Industrial Symbiosis – Case Study, Northern Region

Eng. Hagit Snir Salinger
CEO, 4s  

 Industry Innovation – R&D in Circular Economy 

Ms. Ronit Eshel

Strategic Business Director – Advanced Manufacturing Division, Israel Innovation Authority

Circular Economy Roadshow


  Mr. Lior Koller

 Sales Manager


Ms. Elinor Nathaniel



Mr. Arel Yaffe

Environmental Consultant


Mr. Ohad Gamliel


Mr. Harel Rauch

V.P Business Development, Strategy & Marketing